Who is Bella Dalvez?

For those of you who have come across my website from other means, i.e. not Twitter or Facebook, I’ve decided I should let you know a bit about myself.

As is painfully obvious, I’m a BBW (Big, Beautiful, Woman) who is, amongst other things, an escort/hooker/sexworker/prostitute (sex worker is the pc term nowadays, but I’m not fussed), who is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

But who exactly am I? Hmmm… I sometimes wonder, lol.

I guess you could call me a chameleon. I adapt and change depending on my environment.

At home, I’m a single mum of 4 kids. A woman who enjoys her independence. A woman who struggles at times with her own health issues. I suffer from god awful migraines and I also have depression. So, if I’m out of bed, it’s a good day, lol.

In public, I can be a bit of a larrikin, but depending on where I am, will always act accordingly. You may find me doing wheelies in a trolley at Coles, but at a restaurant, I’d be on my best behaviour.

In the bedroom….. well, that’s a different story. That’s when the highly sexed Bella comes to life. A woman who loves to please and be pleased. A woman who loves to fulfil the wildest of desires. Within the parameters of the law and ‘decent’ peoples morals. (You’d be surprised at some of the weird requests I get!).

No matter ‘who’ I am though, I’m always honest. Sometimes, I feel, to my detriment. You see, I’m not good at bullshit. I suck at lying. I find it difficult to stroke egos. I won’t tell you that you have a massive cock if you haven’t. If you ask me, I will however tell you the positives. Things like being clean, staying hard and being well manicured are far better attributes in my opinion.

I won’t gush at each and every compliment. I actually find it hard to accept them. I won’t call you babe and honey, although I do call people ‘darl’. It’s a term of endearment I actually use outside of ‘work’, so it comes naturally to me. The others are far too personal to be used for work. I guess I’m not very good at what I like to call ‘hustling’. If you’re going to book me, then book me because you want to, not because I’ve said a few choice words or phrases to make you feel good. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not my style.

There you go…. Who I am and who I’m not.

Xx Bella

P.S. If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to write about, by all means shoot me a message and let me know.