I only engage in safe sex
Outcalls only in Victoria
I do not allow anal on me
Apart from that? anything goes (within reason).
Please don’t insult me by asking for a discount!’re paying for my time regardless of what we do in that time. Just like any other service provider. you pay a tradie by the hour Regardless of whether he spends the time scratching his bum or actually doing his job!! Lol
I wear a two way device that keeps me in constant contact with my minder
Let me know if you require anything in particular so I can come prepared…
E.g.. Toys, stilettos, bdsm gear
Please be freshly showered upon my arrival and for goodness sake…pull back your foreskin and give your bits a good wash.
Brush your teeth…I like kissing minty fresh lips!!
My time is precious as I’m sure yours is too……let’s not waste it!